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Now we are in week two of this COVID-19 situation, which I think we all agree is becoming a crisis.  With all restaurants and places of public gathering being closed by the governor's order, I believe it would be unconscionable for us to meet as a church.  I am also unwilling to put our aging and health compromised people at risk, because I know many of your would come to church out of loyalty and against you better judgement.  I cannot express how moved and impressed I am by your faithfulness to your church.  This crisis will eventually pass and you will have many years to demonstrate your devotion to God and His church.  In the mean time we can continue to be the hands and feet of Christ to our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  We can also take this quarantine time and use it as quiet time to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God.


All that to say;  We will not meet for services at the church again this week.  Tune in to Facebook at 10:30 AM for our on-line service.  I encourage you to invite people for "watch parties".  Serve breakfast, serve donuts and coffee... see how creative can you be.  By the way as of this morning our service last Sunday was viewed 278 times.  That is probably the biggest and most effective out-reach our church has ever had.  "See" you Sunday.

Pastor Bill


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